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Fall 2023 Sunday Nights Renee  Tlaquepaque 

Brian David

A Musical Journey Inspired by Nature and Innovation

With two decades of captivating audiences at private events, Brian David masterfully weaves fingerstyle pop arrangements, classical tunes, vibrant Spanish guitar rhythms, and smooth jazz harmonies. His performances are not just music; they're a rich tapestry that promises an elegant evening resonating with every listener's soul.

In 1994, a road trip took Brian from Gainesville, Florida, to the vast expanses of the Southwest. Northern Arizona University (NAU) became the crucible where he honed his skills, graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor's in Music specializing in both Classical and Jazz Guitar performance. NAU wasn't just a place of learning; it was where he met Brigid, the love of his life, and now the mother of their three wonderful children.

Today, Brian passionately serenades private events in Arizona, ensuring each performance is a memorable one.  A proud and dedicated professional of the community, Brian and his family cherish the serene beauty of Sedona, even as they seek adventures beyond its borders. To him, life on Earth is a wondrous journey, filled with family moments, hikes amidst nature, quiet meditation, dancing, gardening, and the thrill of travel.

Beyond music, Brian's innovative spirit thrives. Co-founding WIZZAX, he, alongside Roy Figueroa, introduced a groundbreaking music product for singing guitarists. The inception of their unique microphone, which attaches directly to guitars or basses, was nothing short of a dream come true—literally. This invention, which eliminates the need for a microphone stand, is a nod to Brian's lineage, as he proudly shares the inventor's gene from both his grandfathers.

To experience the magic of Brian's music or to inquire about the revolutionary WIZZAX, reach out. Let's make your next event truly unforgettable.

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